In-store services

Because we are not only an establishment where clothes are cleaned with the highest quality, as jackets, trousers, blouses, coats, rugs, etc… we also have a wide range of more specific services such as cleaning of upholstery, curtains, sport shoes….. And we go further…. We iron your clothes when travelling; we starch your clothes……. Check for our special services.


We also do your weekly laundry with our express service without any additional cost (bed linen, towels, underwear, shirts, suits, ties, t-shirts,…).  Because we know that you have little time, because you need to have your favorite clothes clean and ready and because it is worth it to take them to Pressto as you will get them delivered in perfect state, as brand new so you can enjoy yourself and your family…

Or if you prefer, we can just iron your garments, you only have to bring in your laundered garments from home or we can pick them up for you, whatever you prefer.


And it does not stop here; we can also customize the finishing of your garments:

Whether you want to have your shirts or trousers ironed with or without line, or your want to get your garments starched; or you are travelling and want to have your garments folded into a bag so it will not get creased; or you like them to have more smell of softener or without any smell… we can make your request a reality.


We want to help you, and as we know you might have little space at home, or you are refurbishing your house, or you are moving or changing season or whatever reason, you can always count on our locker service or conservation and cleaning*.  You only have to call us and we will get to your place, we will clean and keep all your clothes and household items as long as you need it (first three month for free).

*cleaning service has to be previously contracted.


And we keep searching so we can offer you in the near future the most specific services such as cleaning of very special garment. Everything we do, we do it for you.


Wet Cleaning is a process that uses water as a solvent. It uses detergent, washers and dryers with special programs that have been designed for each kind of fabric. Through this system those garments that could only be dry cleaned, now they can be washed.

A successful result can be achieved, similar to any other cleaning process and it is very ecologic.

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